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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Dugong Gone!

I am going to perform in a play tomorrow and Friday at the KL Performing Arts Centre or KLPAC. Me and my friends from my school's drama club have been rehearsing for a year for this. We rehearsed at KLPAC today from 3pm to nearly 8pm.

The play is called "A Dugong Gone!". Dugongs are large mammals and look like walruses.

Read more about dugongs here:

The story, which all of the drama kids wrote together, is about a dugong that gets caught by greedy fishermen. Then a storm appears, and they let her go. There will be lots of singing and dancing and fun in the play.

Tickets are RM35. Proceeds from the play will go towards saving the dugongs, which are almost extinct because the fishermen catch more than they need so that they can make more money.

It has been tiring and I nearly quit the play because I was really nervous and I skipped a lot of rehearsals earlier in the year but now I am excited, and I know all my lines and dance moves. Teacher Amina said I peformed well today.  I can't wait for the show!


  1. all the best for the play, zara! it sounds very exciting, and i hope you'll have a very enjoyable time performing :D

  2. See you there Zara!!