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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thursday 6 May 2010 - Treatment Day 127

Dr Lin asked me how I was today. Mum told him I was fine, just that I'd vomited last night but it could've been due to gastric because I hadn't eaten anything the whole day. He told her I'd complained a lot when he put me to sleep yesterday for the MTX injection in my spine (IT).

Mum also told him that she'd given me two folinic acid after the 2nd round of high-dose mtx because I had some rashes but they had dried up now. He said the rashes could have been due to something else, and that I'd flushed the mtx out of my body very well, so theoretically I shouldn't be having any side effects like ulcers or rashes. He told mum to try and not to give me any more folinic acid.

Aunty Francis (dad's friend) came over to visit and did some arts and craft with me. We made a sparkly pink tiara. She also got me some stickers which I decorated my nails and fingers with. She also brought some pizza and spicy chicken wings.

Dad bought mum some perfume for Mother's Day.

QOTD: "I want to go to the future so I can see my kids."

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