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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wednesday 26 May 2010 - Treatment Day 146

I went to school today. Tok Mummy gave me some new Oxford Reading Tree books - Kipper and The Giant, In The Garden (Stage 6) and Red Planet (Stage 7). I chose them myself.

Later, I played my favourite game Cooking Mama on my DS Lite today. You can cook all sorts of yummy Japanese dishes in it.

I am sleeping over at grandma's house tonight. Mum is going to Singapore tomorrow. Mum thought it would be nice for me to go on holiday too as I am on a break at the moment before I start my 6-month 'Protocol III' chemo regimen on 2 June. Dr Lin said it was fine if mum wanted to take me to Singapore. But dad said it was too risky because Singapore is too crowded. And he can't come because he has to work.

Aunty Vanessa, Sarah's mum, said that we should go on holiday if we can. She said one of the most important lessons she learnt after Sarah got leukaemia is to make the most of each day and to enjoy every moment of it.

Mum is worried I won't be given my meds properly if she isn't around to supervise. She cut up and prepared all the tablets that I need to take for the next 7 days. But she'll be back on Saturday.

Under Protocol III, I will start on a new set of drugs, as well as Vincristine which I have had before.

QOTD: "I love mum so much, I don't want her to die or burn. But dad always lies, he will be on fire."


  1. omg.. poor dad on fire. maybe he'll be ghost rider.