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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday 10 March 2010 - Treatment Day 70

I had my 3rd Ara-C chemo for the week. Dr Lin came in a bit late today. But I got a really nice surprise, aunty Mel (mum's friend) came to visit me in chemo daycare. She brought me a lot of presents, she got me a pink cash register which had monopoly money and credit cards and beeping buttons and everything. She also got me some chocolate biscuits. Her daughter Heidi had also chosen a really pretty pink headband for me and a fluffy sequin-y pink pen which looked like a wand. I was really happy. I liked the headband and wore it immediately even though I don't have much hair at the moment.

Grandma couldn't come with me again today, because she had to go to see her doctor in the morning, and she had a party in the afternoon. But she came to visit me in the evening.

QOTD: "Grandad's never taken me to chemo before. He can come and see me in chemo one day. But he can't bring his bang-bang, else it might go off and hurt somebody."

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