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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday April 2 2010 - Treatment Day 93

The nurses took blood from me today to check my Methotrexate (MTX) levels. It was 0.37 umol/L. That's good because it should be less than 0.4. Dr Lin said my body has been excreting the MTX very well so it should go down even further after the folinic acid rescue. So he said I can go home tomorrow after the 3rd dose of intravenous folinic acid.

Mum was pleased but I cried because I didn't want to have the needle taken out of my port. It hurts.

Mum had to go to see her doctor again to check on her urine, so grandma came over to SDMC to babysit. It was also mum's day off, so she decided to go to Bangsar to buy me more clothes and some groceries. She also got me a new DVD, the Lizzie McGuire movie. She was feeling rather sleep-deprived because sleeping in hospital is very uncomfortable and the nurses come in every 2 hours in the night, so she said she needed to sleep the whole day today. But she couldn't sleep at home because there were contractors there fixing the roof and driveway so it would be noisy.

In the end she didn't find anywhere else to sleep. She did a urine test and the doctor said she was still having a UTI so she had to take some more Bactrim until Sunday.

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