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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday 22 April 2010 - Treatment Day 113

Mum had to go to the doctor today, she is having a bad cold and headache. So she is taking the day off today.

She's not sure whether she got it from me though, or whether she caught a different strain from when she went out to Hulu Selangor on Saturday. The nurses had told her before that it would be challenging if I caught 2 separate infections at the same time.

It is flu season though, there were a lot of cases in SDMC last week. The head nurse had advised us not to go out much and just stay in our room. The room next to us had a sign on the door saying "Droplets caution" or something like that. Everyone going in and out must wear masks and sanitise their hands. There are lots of H1N1 cases coming out in the papers too, H1N1 is a superbug and could make you very sick.

QOTD: "You don't have to stay away from me, mummy. I have a runny nose and you have a runny nose. We are the same."

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