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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday 13 April 2010 - Treatment Day 104

Mum came back today. I told her I missed her. She said she'd missed me more. She said the hotel she stayed at was quite nice, she said to ask dad if he would take all of us there after my next chemo which starts tomorrow.

I went out for dinner with dad and Aunty Shalya, she bought me a Merliah Barbie doll.

Mum found out today that I have been having a runny nose since Monday after I went out with dad on Sunday. She wasn't happy that nobody had told her. I didn't have a fever though, so I didn't need to be rushed to hospital.

But I am having the 2nd high-dose MTX chemo tomorrow, so mum unpacked her holiday gear and repacked for hospital.

QOTD: "What happens when you're famous? People ask you for photographs and autographs. You get to sing on stage, you get to write songs. You get people to work for you, design the show, make the music. I saw it on TV."

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