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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 18 February 2010 - Treatment Day 50

I had a high fever again today of 39.5 degrees. Dr Lin came in really early at 9am and said I'd need to go back on the Ampho B antibiotics through my IV, as the Voriconazole tablets weren't working.

Dad asked how long I'd have to stay in hospital for. Dr Lin replied that he dared not say it as we would get shocked. I was extremely unhappy at the idea of having to stay here for a few more days. After that Dr Lin gave me my Ara-C chemo for the day.

Grandma and grandad came to visit. Grandma had made me some nasi minyak. It was really good. Mum went home for a bit to do some work on her computer, something about women and caning. She also made some porridge with cod and scallops for me. After she came back to SDMC with the porridge, I fell asleep, but she had to do some more work and make some more calls. So she did her work in the dark.
Mum said that Jasmine, one of our cats whom mum had given up for adoption after I became ill, had managed to find her way back to the house. Mum almost didn't recognise her because she was a lot thinner. She used to be really fat. The new family doesn't really want to keep her so mum says she may need to send her to an animal shelter unless she finds her a new family.


  1. Scallop porridge sounds really good. :) Hope you get to go home really soon.

  2. Going home today, aunty Carol! :D
    But back here for chemo on Wednesday, unless I have a fever again tomorrow, in which case we're back in on Sunday or Monday :(