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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday 10 February 2010 - Treatment Day 42

I had to go to hospital again today to see the paediatric neurologist Dr Sofiah. I wasn't very happy to go to hospital and I told mum I didn't want to see Dr Lin. He likes to put me to sleep or poke needles into me and give me injections or take my blood. Mum said we're only seeing Dr Sofiah.

We had to wait a long time for our turn at Dr Sofiah so in the meantime I played with my DS Lite and pored over the latest ELC toy catalogue. There were lots of cool stuff in there.

Dr Sofiah said my blood test showed that my postassium levels were fine, so that wasn't causing the weakness in my legs. My creatine phosphokinase (CPK) levels were also ok. When there's high levels of CPK, it usually means there has been injury or stress to the heart, the brain, or muscle tissue.

But she said the nerve conduction test showed a slight delay in the motor nerves (messages through nerves) in my right leg (right peroneal B Fib-Ankle). The measurement recorded was 33.18 velocities m/s while a normal reading would be 40. But she said it wasn't very serious.

My F Waves (messages that travel between the limb and spine) were absent from some parts of my legs (left peroneal, tibial and right peroneal). But she said it is only temporary and she tested my reflexes again and said there was an improvement from last week.
Mum said my legs were a bit better now and I could walk up the stairs without having to crawl on my hands and knees. Dr Sofiah said I could also do exercises called physiotherapy to get better faster.
Mum told her that my neck was also a bit stiff because I keep tilting my head to the opposite side of my new chemoport which is on the right side of my chest. I am still getting used to the chemoport inside my body. Dr Sofiah said I need to slowly learn how to turn my neck to the right again.

After that I was really hungry so we went to the cafeteria and I had rice with fried chicken.

I felt like playing with my cousins Omar and Emma again so we went to aunty Lina's house to play while mum worked on her computer. I ate noodles and prawn crackers while watching Charlie and Lola dvds and then I had a headache so I had to lie down for a bit. I had a low-grade fever so mum gave me some paracetamol.

There was rice for dinner, and butter prawns but I didn't feel like eating. On the way back, I asked mum if she had found a chocolate fountain yet for my birthday party in school on Friday. She said aunty Lyza (her friend) had kindly lent us her chocolate fountain for the party and 3kg of chocolate. I was really happy. Mum and I discussed what to get for the fountain. I said I wanted marshmallows. Mum said aunt Lyza also suggested some fruit and breadsticks.
QOTD: I want marshmallows for my chocolate fountain. But you have to buy the sticks to dip them with. Else everyone's hands will be sticky from the chocolate.


  1. zara,
    i want to borrow the choc fountain from auntie lyza too next year.i wonder whether i can 'twist' her arm too...kidding..only works for hair stylists.

  2. hey aunt aida, aunty lyza is a cake-maker and she also rents out her choc fountain :D

    i'll get mum to sms you her details for mia's party next year kay?

    you can check out her blog here:

  3. Dear Zara,

    I hope you will have lots of fun with the chocolate fountain. Marshmallows, sliced apples, banans and strawberries.. yum yum!

    Do remind Mum to take lots of photos of you and the chocolate fountain, OK? She has this habit of remembering it after the food are all gone! :D

    PS: I've known Aunty Lyza for the longest time and she bakes yummy cakes and cookies. Oh, she makes delicious chicken rice too! ;-)

    Aunt V

  4. Dear aunt V,

    I'm sure I will, I really love the choc fountain at the Shangri-La buffet :D

    Yes I'll try my best to stop her from finishing the goodies before taking a photo but it'll be hard, I warn you!

    Ooooh did you say chicken rice? Yummmmm