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Monday, January 11, 2010

Friday 1 January 2010 - Treatment Day 4

All the nurses wished me and mum a Happy New Year. Mum said it didn't feel like one.

A lady from the blood lab came to take my blood, but this time, she took it from my thumb, because it was just to see my platelet count, not a complete blood count. It only hurt a little bit.

Mum and dad were a bit worried because my tummy seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. It looked like it would explode. But Dr Choy said it was because the leukaemia was making my liver a lot bigger than usual.

He came in twice to see me, even though it was a public holiday. He got angry in the morning after mum said I hadn't been finishing my medicines. He even got angry at the nurses, and they ran away and never came back. He said something about making sure you kill the robber when you hit him.

Dad went for Friday prayers. Grandma came with aunty Lina. Mum went downstairs to the hospital library to look for some books on leukaemia. It was her first time touring the hospital. She said there were shops selling clothes, books and medicines. Some of the books on chemo said that patients should not come into contact with animals and their poo. So mum said dad will have to send our cats to mum's place while we look for new families for them.
Aunty Adeline came in the evening. She brought masks and Dettol wipes and also my favourite Big Apple glazed donuts. I don't like flavoured donuts. I just like them plain or glazed. She
helped colour my Charlie and Lola colouring book with me while mum finally got to finish a cup of tea. She says she has not had time to finish an entire cup of tea since we've been in hospital, she's been that busy.
I took 2 to 3 hours to finish one dose of medicine today. I had a bad headache in the morning and mum and dad had to massage my head. I threw up 3 times. I needed to have my sheets and pyjamas changed a few times during the night too.

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