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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday 3 January 2010 - Treatment Day 6

I had a nice time relaxing at home. Mum says I can't really go anywhere because my immunity is low, so I'm just playing with my toys, or the Wii or watching dvds. I watched a lot of Pucca on telly today.

I've been eating a lot since I started taking the medicines, which are called steroids. They make me hungry and want to eat all the time. Dr Choy says I have to eat fresh clean food because dirty food will give me an infection. Mum says her rice cooker, pots and pans have never been so busy. Mum says the government should give money to cancer patients who have to take steroids because she has to buy so much food for me. She also said I have become super irritable and cranky because of the steroids.
I got bored, so I asked Omar and Emma to come over to play. We played with my electric keyboard and my guitar. I got angry with them when they weren't doing something properly. Aunty Lina said I almost sounded like the old me again.
Quote Of The Day: "You're not doing it properly!!!"

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