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Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday 2 January 2010 - Treatment Day 5

We can finally go home today. After waking up in pain many times during the night, lots of being poked and prodded at with needles, and me throwing up countless times during the day and night, we can finally leave. Mum said it felt as exciting as escaping from prison. We have to come back on Tuesday to meet Dr Lin and start chemo.

Before we went home, dad had to find a few blood donors to replace the platelets that I had taken. The nurse said the donor must be a man. Dad's brother had come to donate his platelets, but they said he couldn't because he had asthma. Dad tried to donate but they said his blood vessels were not big enough to donate platelets.

So mum and dad called everyone they knew. But the blood lab closed at 12.30pm today so they said for donors to come on Monday.

I hated it when the nurse took my canula out before I went home. It hurt a lot. But I was happy to go home and watch all my favourite channels again, instead of just the Disney channel.
Most of mum's plants had died though, because we had been away for so long. She said she didn't mind, as long as I was ok.
Today's bill: RM11,368.79

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