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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday 30 January 2010 - Treatment Day 32

I made crabmeat, chicken and sweetcorn soup with dad today, using one of the recipes from Aunty Carolina's cookbooks. Mum said it was really good. I don't really like corn so I didn't eat much. But mum and dad finished it all up. We didn't even take a photo of it. The above photo was taken off the Internet.

I wanted to go out today and eat sushi. My neutrophils were ok on Thursday so mum said alright. But I wore a mask just in case. But Dr Lin said I can't eat raw food because it might give me a tummy ache so I just had rice and tempura.

My hair still looks ok, although it's been dropping a lot. Mum spent the morning picking off strands of my hair off of my pillow.

I was really tired today so I went to bed at around 6pm.

While I was asleep, mum went out to KLCC and bought me two new bottles from Mothercare:
A glass bottle wrapped in a pink silicone sleeve from Life Factory
and a BPA-free polypropylene one from MAM

She also got me some more children's cookbooks from Mothercare and Kinokuniya.

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