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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday 27 December 2009

I have had so many visitors while I have been in hospital. All my other aunts and uncles came to visit, and my cousins Omar and Emma.

Dr Iean says my immunity is very low, and any infection could be dangerous. He always wears a mask when he sees me, to make sure he doesn't pass any germs on to me, and he makes sure the nurses do the same. All the rooms also have lots of bottles of sanitisers inside and outside the door, so visitors can sanitise their hands before they see me. Mum and dad are also trying to get family members and friends to wear masks around me too.

I was happy to see Omar and Emma. Even though my room is really nice and I have the Disney channel on tv, I still get bored a lot. It was raining outside. I keep watching the same programmes like Mr Bean which I don't even like, and Stitch. We played for a bit before they had to go home.

Today I also got a lot of new dvds which mum bought for me. She brought me Planet 51, Astroboy, Pokemon, and Tom & Jerry. Aunty Elisia (mum's friend) and baby Hallie also sent me lots of pressies for hospital. They got me organic lip balm, which was good for my lips which are cracked from the leukaemia, and organic lotion. Organic means it is made without the use of nasty chemicals or pesticides which can cause cancer.

They also gave me a pretty pink and white hooded towelling robe, and a really cute bag, and mum got two bars of yummy organic chocolate and some almond biscotti.

I watched the Disney channel before falling asleep. Mum sleeps with me on the hospital bed while dad sleeps on the sofa near the window. We don't sleep that much though, because the nurses come in every few hours to check my blood pressure and temperature and give me my medicine. I also wake up sometimes in the middle of the night from the leg pains.

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