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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday 26 December 2009

I had a lot of visitors this morning -- grandma and grandad, jidda (dad's mum), aunty Shalya, uncle Elya (dad's brother) and Baba (jidda's mum). They brought a lot of new magazines and colouring books for me. (The above image is from Aunty Lilian (mum's friend) came for a bit and had tea with mum downstairs at Dome.

Mum brought some more story books from home, which we'd bought a long time ago but I'd not read yet, and also some old reading books we got from the Lake Club library a long time ago. They were too easy for me by now.

I was also bored at school because I've been reading the same book -- Toby and the Space Cats (Ginn) -- for a few months now, because the school was busy preparing for the end of year concert which took place on the last day of school a few weeks ago. I normally get a new reader every day. Mum and dad were happy though because I won a prize for best student again at this year's concert. They said I performed very well too, in our stage adaptation of Aladdin. But I was already very poorly then, and quite pale.

The nurses moved me to my own room today, because I didn't need to be monitored by a nurse the whole night. They just come in once in a while during the night to check my temperature and my blood pressure. I have been having a fever on and off for the past one month. So Dr Iean gave me antibiotics and paracetamol. I hate eating my medicine, but the antibiotics were given through my canula. It didn't hurt.

A clown came to visit the children in the hospital today because it was Christmas yesterday. I got a nice big balloon from one of the nurses.

Aunty Carolina, who is married to dad's brother, uncle Iran, also came, but the nurse said it was best she didn't come into my room because my cousins are having chickenpox now. She gave me a huge bag full of treats from everyone, a get-well card, a balloon, a teddy bear, a giftbox with a heart necklace and keychain, lots of colouring books, a diary with a padlock (my favourite), bluetack and lots of glittery pens and stickers. I have so many new books to read in hospital, and toys, dad had to buy a huge plastic box to keep them in. Mum calls it the mini-skip.

Mum and dad helped me to write in my new diary. I wrote: "Dear diary, I have never had a diary before. I am sick today. I am in hospital. My mummy and daddy are with me. I love my mummy and daddy. Love, Zara."

Uncle Hizwani (mum's brother) and aunty Nora came by with my cousins. They helped me write in my new diary. I told them to write this:

"Dear diary, I am going to England and Paris when I feel better."

Me and mum and grandma have tickets to go to London next month. But mum said I can only go when I get better.

I woke up at around 3 or 4am because my legs hurt. Dr Iean told mum it was because of the leukaemia.

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